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Clean Loader Unloader
Clean Buffer
Clean Robot
Robot to be available for the fifth generation glass substrates
Robot to be available for the sixth and seventh generation glass substrates
Clean Exchanger
EFEM designed for 300mm (MEF series)
Load Port designed for 300mm FOUP (Comply with SEMI)
Handling Robot for wafer 300mm
Scissor Lifts
Conveyor System
Clean Exchanger

Clean Flow System, Handling system for glass substrates
Clean Exchanger
The clean Loader Unloader receives from the eighth generation to the tenth generation glass substrates in production processes. This handling system takes glasses out of a clean cassette (a wire cassette) and transfer to a glass process line. It can do both loading and unloading. In regard to transfer, it employs "Air Float System", so it can transfer loads quickly.

  • "Air Float System" is the most important and the characteristic point of this machine. A big glass plate is floated by air, and it is propelled forward by wheel provided on both side. As a result of this, it enables to reduce square measures of LC panel contact surface to a device. It makes the quality of products improve.
  • Available for high-speed transfer : max 600mm/sec

Layout of Clean Exchanger (plane figure)
Layout of Clean Exchanger (plane figure)

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