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President Jiro OHARA
We suggest the best products for customers through element technologies we have cultivated for nearly 60 years.

Since 1955, the year we started manufacturing roller conveyors, we have fulfilled various kinds of requests regarding “moving and lifting” for a wide variety of customers.Our “moving and lifting”products are playing an important role in domestic and foreign industry as the technologies of “connecting” between important working processes in our customers’ plants.We value the word “Connection” as meaning “connection between people” and    “connection between work processes” in our customers’ plants.

We produce specially designed “Conveyor Systems” through our connecting technology for each customers' production - to-  delivery process.In addition, in the vertical connections market, our famous lifting and lowering device,  “Scissor Lift” is used widely.Scissor Lifts are used not only in the manufacturing field but also in medical and nursing care these days.  Our wheelchair lift under the brand name of “Dansa-Racooda” has gained recognition in the nursing care industry and is increasing in sales every year.

Originally, we made contributions in the automobile and food industries as a manufacturer of industrial robots. The technologies developed in handling robots those days are now used effectively for ”Clean Systems”. We can provide handling systems for the production process of liquid crystal substrate and semiconductors. For years, we have seen things through the eyes of customers and have faced up to the problems customers have. We shall keep this corporate attitude and provide better products than customers expect.

Nowadays, the environment snd societys' sense of value are changing rapidly and drastically. Despite such rapid changes, we will remain innovative and meet any request flexibly by our various products developed through the accumulation of element technologies. This is our long-cultivated advantage.

We will suggest the best products for customers using these technologies and stay connected to  our customers as a good partner for years to come.