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Concept of Management
Aiming to be GOOD COMPANY,we will keep working towards the future with synergy.

We at MEIKIKOU think that the mission of a company is to offer happiness and satisfaction to society.

"Truth for people,State-of-the-art for products" is the business policy of MEIKIKOU.We would like to share happiness and satisfaction with our customers through sincere business and state-of-the-art products.

We do not aim only to expand our business,but we are making efforts to be a good company.

The ultimate objective of MEIKIKOU is not to be a Big Company,but to be a Good Company.

1. Reasons for existence
In the material handling industry,MEIKIKOU is going to participate in society by trying to solve material handling problems with our expertise and creativity.

2. Management policy
1. We are customer-oriented.
2. We take the lead of each market.
3. We will amplify the free and broad-minded cultural climate through fair management of the company.
4. We have sound ideas about quality,safety and environment,and take responsibility as a member of society.

3. Conductive guideline
1. Be splendid and carry things out the right way.
2. Be proud and independent,as well as modest.
3. Ascertain the prime importance of matters and do not hesitate to be innovative.
4. Keep promises.