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Conveyors and Scissor Lifts manage the process of production and distribution, and as a result of this, the process becomes rationalization. Conveyors make carrying, loading, unloading and transferring speedy. We try to solve your problems by our extensive experience and expertise.

Business Guide

We, MEIKIKOU, offer solutions concerning material handling through three businesses; scissor lifts, conveyor system and clean system. Our extensive experience and expertise we obtained in the material handling industry are utilized in the solutions we offer. We are a unique company in the material handling industry, because we provide a range of our products, such as rollers and clean robots. Please ask us when you carry, load and unload, and move up and down some objects.

We aim for rationalization and automatization of carrying, loading and unloading with conveyors and scissor lifts, and as a result of this, we want to contribute to improve production.

* Material handling is an operation that transfers and manages objects on the process of production and distribution. To transfer objects without hand is the mechanization of material handling. And these machines are called material handling equipments.

Scissor Lifts Business
Scissor Lifts Business"Scissor lifts" are our productions. Generally, they are called "Table lift" or "Table lifter" in the world. We have provided material handling equipments which can go up and down heavy loads,and adjust the height of devices, and we are the leading company in Japan. We have a variety of over 2400 standard models. So we can design and manufacture variety of Scissor Lifts based on our standard models meet to customers requests. When there is nothing you need, we make needed productions based on our standard models. Recently, customer's requests are sophisticating. Especially on the production processes of automobile, IT and precision instrument, they demand not only safety but also high endurance, high frequency and high accuracy. However, we have confidence that we can satisfy their high requirements. The reason is why we are the top company in the table lifts industry, and also we have extensive experience and expertise.

Conveyor System Business
Conveyor System BusinessWe design and manufacture case-carrying conveyors and pallets carrying conveyors which are based on roller conveyors. They are key machines in the field of logistics. Since we began to manufacture conveyors,we have contributed to many types of logistic industries in the world as a hard supplier of conveyors. We pursue their safety and efficiency,and then we will produce valuable conveyors for customers.

Clean System Business
Clean System BusinessWe produce handling device for LC panel or wafers production processes in clean rooms. We design and manufacture "Loader and Unloader" for LC panel,"EFEM" for wafers and "Load port". A class 10/0.1μm cleanliness is realized in the section of LC panel, and in addition, a class 1/0.1μm cleanliness is also realized in the section of wafers. We have engaged in the field of handling and carrying system for clean room for over 20 years. We can say, "We have customer's trust".

Material handling makes transfer of manufacture and logistics rational. Let's drive for optimization of process management by the mechanization caused by conveyor and lifter. We contribute to the minimization of vainness and cost down by conveyors.