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Quality, Safety and Environment

Quality Assurance

"We aim to be a company that does not only satisfy the present level of quality,but always creates new quality."

This is our basic policy toward quality.In line with this policy,in August 1998, we declared that we would obtain ISO 9001 certification.As a result of the efforts made by every employee,we obtained ISO 9001 certification from the JQA, a certification body,in December 1999.

Acquiring ISO 9001 certification is not a goal,but a start. Based on a quality system we created,we set out on further improvement to earn our customers' trust.

Environmental Assurance

"We have realized our responsibility to work on voluntary and activity environmental conservation activities, as a member of society. And then, we aim to prevent contamination and to reduce the effect on the environment in all areas of business activity."

This is our basic policy toward environment.According to this policy, we created an environmental management system. Since April 2000, we have tried to create a good environment. As a result of this efforts, we obtained ISO 14001 certification in June 2001.
We keep trying to protect our earth from contamination as a leader of company that contributes to global environment.

In addition, we work on ensuring safety and protecting the environment with our unique ideas and ardor, recognizing the responsibility as a manufacture to provide safety to you who use our product and us who produce them, and to well consider to the environment.