Streamlining production and logistics processes
We are the leading manufacturer in material handling.

Meikikou is the leading manufacturer in the material handling sector, with three businesses - Scissor Lifts, Conveyors and System & Truck Yard. Levering the experience and technology we have cultivated over 60 years, we contribute to productivity improvements, streamlining, and automation in transportation and transfer in industries in Japan and around the world.

product The know-how we have cultivated over many years is used effectively in the solutions we offer.

Product Information

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Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lifts, Meikikou’s brand of pantograph arm-type lifting devices known as table lifts or table lifters, has the top share in the Japanese market. We produce various models of Scissor Lifts, including models for lifting heavy loads and models that offer adjustable working heights. In this business, we design and make models tailored specifically to customers’ requirements, based on our more than 2400 standard models.

Recently, customer requests for Scissor Lifts have become increasingly sophisticated, demanding not only safety but also value-added features, such as high durability, high frequency and high accuracy for use in the production processes of diverse products including automobiles, IT, and precision machinery. As the leading manufacturer, we leverage our know-how and long experience to respond to these requests.

Scissor Lifts

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With more than half a century of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of conveyors, we contribute to various industries in Japan and around the world, from logistics operations such as distribution centers to production logistics lines in production industries.


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System & Truckyard

Our System & Truckyard business offers comprehensive support from concept design to equipment design, electrical control, through to installation and actual operation of the system. We also have extensive experience as a robotics integrator, offering transfer and handling systems for LCD and OLED panels using robots.

In the area of loading and unloading systems for trucks and containers in particular, we offer a range of systems tailored to the customer’s circumstances, such as automatic loading and unloading systems that employ robots and image processing devices, semi-automatic loading and unloading systems, and manual unloading systems.

System & Truckyard

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Racooda is an elevator, also known as a steplift, used to raise wheelchairs up and down, allowing wheelchair users to move between different levels of a building while still in the chair. The name “Racooda” comes from rakuda, the Japanese word for camel. We gave the product this name because a camel conveys its rider tenderly and safely. Racooda is a registered trademark of Meikikou. (Trademark Reg. No. 5643638)