We offer new interconnections

Meikikou is a leading manufacturer in the material handling industry.

We have extensive experience in the field of material handling. We seek to create and offer new interconnections between devices, an area that has been left behind as technology has advanced.

Management Philosophy

Aiming to be GOOD COMPANY, we will stride together toward the future with shared joy.

We at Meikikou believe that the mission of a company is to offer happiness and satisfaction to society. “Sincerity for people, state-of-the-art for products” is MEIKIKOU’s business policy. We would like to share that happiness and satisfaction with our customers through sincere business and state-of-the-art products. No matter the size of our company, we strive to be a good company. Our future aim is not to be a Big Company, but a Good Company. That is Meikikou’s vision.

1. Our raison d’etre

To be present in the material handling business and participate in society, using our experience and creativity to solve customers’ material handling problems.

2. Management Policy

1. Put the customer first

2. Achieve the leading brands

3. Amplify our free and broad-minded cultural climate through fair management of the company

4. Fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society with a solid philosophy toward quality, safety and the environment

3. Code of Conduct

1. Take the high road, being open and aboveboard.

2. Be modest, proud and independent.

3. Seek out the essence. Do not fear innovation.

4. Keep your promises.