We use the elemental technologies we have cultivated to offer new interconnections.

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Since 1955, the year our company was established, we have fulfilled various kinds of conveyance-related for many different customers, using the elemental technologies we have cultivated over many years.

“ Our many and diverse conveyance products play an important role in a broad range of domestic and foreign industries as technologies for “connecting” different working processes in our customers’ plants.

We value the word “interconnection,” referring both to the bonds between people and the connections between work processes that our products provide in our customers’ plants.

We have contributed to the automobile, food and other industries as an industrial robot manufacturer since the mid-1960s.
These handling robot technologies have been applied to modern clean systems, leading to the provision of handling systems in the semiconductor, LCD, and OLED glass substrate production process. Through these experiences, we moved onto handling and conveyance systems as a robot integrator. In the truck transport sector, which is currently experiencing severe labor shortages, we have been offering truck yard streamlining services for more than 30 years, and our products have been adopted by many customers.
We offer a range of various kinds of handling systems for trucks to meet customer requirements. These systems provide labor and time savings in truck loading and unloading operations.

Amid the significant changes in society’s sense of values and the labor environment in recent times, we will continue to seek out the essence and remain innovative, leveraging our long-cultivated advantage of “elemental technologies for interconnection” to suggest the best labor-saving devices and conveyance systems for our customers and stay connected to our customers as a good partner for many years to come.