Quality, Safety and Environment

Quality Policy

We aim to be a company that strives continuously to create advanced quality beyond the quality given to us.


Environmental Policy

We acknowledge our responsibility as a member of society to engage voluntarily and actively in environmental conservation activities. We aim to prevent environmental pollution, reduce the burden on the environment, and protect the environment through continuous improvements in all areas of our business.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

We consider a safe and healthy work environment to be an absolute necessity and make every effort to ensure it.

MEIKIKOU was certified as an Aichi-Brand company!


MEIKIKOU were certified as an「Aichi-Brand Company」for 2019. The picture above was taken when company president, Seiichiro Hoga, was presented with a certificate by the governor of Aichi prefecture, Hideaki Omura. “Aichi-Brand” is an institution that certifies outstanding manufacturers as “Aichi-Brand companies” to promote the manufacturing capabilities of Aichi prefecture, nicknamed the “kingdom of manufacturers,” both in Japan and abroad and to build Aichi manufacturing into a global brand.

  • 愛知ブランド企業認定式の様子

    President Hoga and others with Governor Omura.

  • 愛知ブランド認定マーク

    The criteria for certification are that a company advance innovation in business processes based on outstanding philosophies and under top leadership and demonstrate unique strengths in creating value for its customers through the construction of brand value from the customer’s viewpoint, while taking the environment into account.”